Adidas x 7SEAS 
Reconnect to the waters. 
With 7SEAS, our goal is to create an infinite loop between humans and animals for both sides to thrive while sharing a common life source: the ocean. Two thirds of natural services — benefits for humans that come naturally from the environment — come from the ocean. While the ocean and its inhabitants have helped the development of humanity, humans have carelessly been creating dead zones — uninhabitable areas of the ocean that have too little oxygen in the water to support life in oceans. Project 7SEAS aims to create a positive cycle between humans and the ocean. 
Final shoe design for the Running shoe branch of Adidas. 
RESEARCH INFOGRAPHIC: Countless human developments came from research on the ocean and its inhabitants. With their depletion, and possible future extinction, we are only harming ourselves if we don't take action to save the ocean. Getting involved with 7SEAS is the first step. 

MOOD BOARD: Our focus is on the interconnectivity between humans and the ocean. We present ocean cleanup as a worldwide hip trend that is smoothly weaved into the everyday lives of people through a new fashion trend. Designed by Ricky Wang.  

CMF BOARD: We draw inspiration from both the pure and tainted colors and textures of the ocean. Use of mesh symbolizes the breathability of oxygenated water for marine animals. Woven textures reflect our desire to weave together humans and the ocean into a single, thriving system. Designed by Julie Joo.

Adidas x 7SEAS Pureboost R Shoe Colorways. 
7SEAS' infinite loop begins with partnering with The Ocean Cleanup to collect microplastics, one of the most harmful contaminants in the ocean. That material is sent to Brentano to process into usable raw material. The final product is the 7SEAS line of shoes for Adidas Classics, Lifestyle, and Sports. 
MANUFACTURING INFOGRAPHIC. Every step counts. Every step in the manufacturing process is beneficial for our ocean. Every step you take in your new Adidasx7SEAS shoes shows measurable support for our world. Designed by Ricky Wang.

7SEAS Project Campaign
To begin reconnecting people and marine life, live video streams of the ocean will play in-store during Adidas's promotional movement. Video cameras will be temporarily attached to sea animals to allow people to step back and look at the world from the eyes of a marine animal and remember just how much our lives are interconnected. In addition, live updates of 7SEAS shoe fundraising and support will be shown on a global map, showing active change made for people and for the ocean. 
Photoreal editing to show marketing campaign posters and live stream of sea animals in-store. Photo credit to 

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