My baby teether designs are inspired by the Comotomo brand baby teethers for their quality, simplicity, and iconic look. To improve upon the existing design, I challenged these problems and created brother and sister models. My designs have more complexity and fun while maintaining the likeness of the brand and its values. 
Design #1 incorporates two connected rings sandwiching an X-shaped piece, allowing for the X-shaped piece to swivel on its axis. The O-rings can also be twisted due to the flexible nature of rubber.

Design #2 embodies a lifelike appearance similar to the original Comotomo baby teether. The animated legs are curved to prevent occlusion of the child's throat. 
The final designs were first and foremost influenced by research insights.
Primary research consisted of two interviews with mothers, and secondary research was targeted toward baby's characteristics.
Following, I created boards to compare qualities, like price versus color, of existing teethers.
Next, I created personas to have a simulated specific audience.
Concept sketches, brainstorming improvements on a selection of existing toys. 
Original Comotomo Teether Design. Source:
Thank you to Gina and my mother for participating in the design research interviews. 

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