Arbor Hill Assisted Living

Care Home Connections

The Problem 
Dementia is a progressive nature caused by a variety of brain illnesses, that affects memory, thinking, behavior, and daily abilities. Some effects include: memory loss, emotional instability, lack of self-awareness, difficulty in communication, anxiety and depression. In 2015, nearly 50,000 people lived with it, and caretaking costed $150 billion annually. 
How can we make life in care homes more stimulating? How can we encourage communication and connection between care home residents and others? 
My Solution 
In a team of RISD/Brown students, we developed a digital service, Care Home Connections, that connects volunteers to care home residents through mutual hobbies. The goal is to create a long-lasting cycle of relationship-building and human connection. This project was part of the RISD|Brown Chapter of the Design for America studio and is continuing with the Testing Phase through 2019. 
Team: Shani Abass | Emma Abele | Zoe Beckman | Danny Lee | Claire Lin | Glory Dang

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