Re-Inventing Home Textiles

Neighborhood Groceries in 2040

Perfect Corner Triangular Bedrest, and more
Industrial Design Internship at Klear Vu Corporation

Client's Brief
For a niche market like chair cushions and home textiles, business is going strong. But to expand growth, I was tasked to research new market opportunities, collaborate with the team, and create both innovative products and small improvements to their existing designs. 
For new products, I investigated global cultural and industry trends, created inspiration boards, drawings, and then prototypes. For existing product improvements, I worked off of customer reviews and make alternations based on industry trends. 

Research Phase

I began with a trends and ideas board and added to this every time I encountered something new.

Research from customer reviews and rival products gave insights to the positioning of KV and product improvement opportunities.

  For my 2018 visual trend boards, I drew inspiration not just from home decor blogs and magazines, but also products, architecture, and fashion journals. 

Concept Drawings

Product and market research gave way to new product opportunities: New shapes for the home decorator, nursing chair covers for mothers, car seat risers for the vertically-challenged, and minifridge caddies for the college student, just to name a few. 

Prototyping and Testing Phase
Numerous triangular pillow experimentations.

Sample Product Photography
Perfect Corner Triangular Bedrest Pillow
Adjustable Chair Cover with Seat Cushion and Lumbar Pillow

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