LEVA Brand Hygiene Pads
You're not just flying. You're levitating. 
Our natural cycles shouldn't get in the way of our day of day lifestyle, and our lifestyle shouldn't be harmful to our Earth. In order to maintain the two, switch to LEVA. 

Designed for the professional and urban traveler, LEVA pads are at the crossroads of sustainability and convenience. The unique two-part system protects both your underwear and the environment. By getting rid of all the plastic components normally disposed of in typical disposable pads, we're no longer creating permanent waste as part of our lifestyle.  And that's pretty awesome. 
The unique two-part system is composed of a reusable waterproof pad and disposable linings. By getting rid of all the plastic disposables,we create less waste.

The pad is made of PUL fabric (polyurethane laminate fabric) that is lightweight, waterproof, and breathable. This pad replaces the plastic layer underneath a typical disposable pad, and protects your underwear from accidents and stains. 

The lining on top, made of organic material, works just like a disposable pad but without the harmful additives. Safe for your body means safe for nature to decompose. If changed in a timely manner, just as if you were using a normal pad, the fabric layer underneath will stay clean and spotless. 
Primary research consisted of two online surveys, and secondary information was drawn from blogs and hygiene product websites. 
Designed in collaboration with students from Design Principles I. Thanks to all who participated in the research survey!

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