Trader Joe's

Neighborhood Groceries in 2040

The Problem
 In the wake of automation and data-driven technology in 2018, the grocery industry has seen revolutionary changes like never before — The shift to online shopping through Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods, grocery delivery services like Instacart, and grocery kitchens like the Hema supermarket. Looking forward, the concept of a home-cooked family meal may no longer exist in the same way as we know it. While national grocery chain Trader Joe's is fine now, the future will require forward thinking, adaption, and transformation. 
How can TJ's stay relevant to people in the next decades? 
How can we motivate TJ's to acknowledge environmental issues? 
How can we inspire TJ's to develop a sustainable, human-centered business approach? 
My Solution 
Guided by brand research and futurecasting, I generated 4 simple guidelines for Trader Joe's to stay meaningful and relevant in a 2040 scenario of economic decline and gradual climate change.

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